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We no longer work on phones and other multimedia devices.  We only fix laptops, tablets and desktops.

Who We are

  We strive to bring you the highest quality computer products and accessories at reasonable prices. With our in-home or in-office repair service, we can keep your system virus-free and properly maintained. Our dedicated team of trained technicians will help you select the right products and troubleshoot any problems you run into long after you've purchased an item.

Clio Computers is constantly changing tactics to stay a head of your computers needs. We are a full service computer service shop with some inventory on hand. We stand behind your systems & service and back our systems with a full two year warranty!

Clio Computers wants to make it easier to own and operate a computer because we know it can be difficult at times. Our mission is to make it a pleasure to own and operate your custom built system. Let us know how we can help you in your endeavors with your PC.

Here at Clio Computers, we build new quality computers (with the same industry standard parts Dell, HP, etc use), repair and upgrade older ones, and network homes and businesses for multiple computers. 

You may have noticed that we've taken off our FaceBook link on the top banner area, we have deleted our business account.  We don't use it, we don't recommend it unless you know how to update your software (windows updates) and do it regularly.   Even then if you're not careful, strange and unusual things can happen. 


If you've been contacted by phone for issues relating to security, claiming to know information about your system or website being infected, please click the link below.  Do not believe what they say, whether they say they are Microsoft, the IRS, the FBI, or any of the Antivirus companies claiming you are infected with a virus or any other of a number of excuses they use to remote in on your system.  DO NOT BLELIEVE THEM!